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How do you know if you’re ready to get Sisterlocks?

Ready for Sisterlocks?



How do you know if you’re ready to get Sisterlocks?


The first thing we suggest is to do research and then do more research! There is a great deal of information out there and you want to separate fact from myth. A great resource of information is the Official Sisterlocks Website where you can hear straight from Dr. Joanne Cornwell, the originator of Sisterlocks.  Click here for The Official Sisterlocks Website

And if this is your first time going natural, we strongly recommend experiencingand experimenting with your natural hair while it is loose – style your hair for several months before you lock.  Styles such as double strand twists, corn-rolls, braid outs ect… These are excellent styling options, but more importantly, it gives you an opportunity to experience your natural hair in all of its glory. Furthermore, you will not feel as though you have skipped a step in your transition to going natural.  Natural Styling options by Miss Jessies:  Click here to view natural styling options videos

Then after you have experienced your hair loose or if your just ready to lock
and wish to skip this step, then we recommend locking.

What you should know before scheduling a Sisterlocks consultation
FAQS about Sisterlocks

What you should know before scheduling a Sisterlocks consultation

A successful Sisterlocks consultation is key as you embark upon your Sisterlocks journey. Here are some preparatory steps to take before you schedule a Sisterlocks Consultation with Life and Style Salon.

In order to have Sisterlocks installed, you need two inches of new growth. In some cases more, especially if your curl pattern is long and smooth. Clients that have a longer, looser curl patterns such as type (2a-2c), will require a longer length of hair before locking. Even clients that possess a type (3a-3c) may require a longer length of hair to start Sisterlocks. The exact length needed to safely install Sisterlocks™ should be determined during the consultation.

While the proper length of hair is the main factor to considered for a Sisterlocks installation, their are other factors that your consultant will look for which should be factored into the equation.

Please note: you can technically install Sisterlocks on any length of hair, but if the hair is to short it is highly likely the locks will come loose.

In addition to hair length, before your consultation the hair should be shampooed with a clarifying shampoo only. So that means no conditioner. Also, their should not be any product on the hair such as curl enhancer, oils, or butters. If the hair is not clean, you will need to have it shampooed before we can access the hair. So, be sure to attend your consultation without any product on the hair so the appropriate Sisterlocks pattern is selected for your hair type. Shampoo services are an additional price. To view our price list for a Sisterlocks consultation and shampoo, click here.

Finally, the hair should be totally loose. The hair should not be plaited or twisted as this stretches the true curl pattern. In fact, you do not have to comb your hair at all. Please do not come to your consultation with portions of your hair in extension braids. We will need to part out the entire area of the head so no portion can be inaccessible. We will also place tester-locks in your hair so that you can see how your hair will look with Sisterlocks.

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For additional FAQS , click here.

For additional FAQS regarding Sisterlocks, click here.

Can I skip the consultation and begin with the installation?



Can I skip the Sisterlocks Consultation and begin with the Installation?

No and here is why. Because this is quite an investment and a life-style change, we want to make sure that you have all of the correct information to make an informed decision. After all, you are locking your hair in very small sized locks which requires a day or more to complete. And while you can comb down your locks before they mature, it is far more cost effective and far less time consuming to know from a two hour consultation if getting Sisterlocks is the right decision for you.
In addition to being an informed client, we also want to give you a fair price based on your hair and the size of locks you desire, so we have to look at your hair in person. Because every client is unique, we do require that you schedule a consultation.

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