Policy - Transfer Client Sisterlocks Services

This policy pertains to Transfer Clients seeking Sisterlocks™ , Brotherlocks or Traditional locks retightening, and lock styling and cutting services.

By booking services with us you agree to the terms set forth herein.


Transfer Client Definition
For retightening purposes, Medialinkx defines transfer clients as a customer that has not had their Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks installed by Medialinkx or as a client that has not received retightening services from us within 2 months.


Online Payments
Transfer clients are required to pay for their services in full online. All clients shall have a valid credit card on file.


A cancellation fee of $60 is charged to the client’s credit card when the client does not give 48 hour notice to reschedule. Clients forfeit all payment for no-call-no-show occurrences. Clients are considered to have a no-call-no-show occurrence when they have not called and made other arrangements with their stylist regarding their appointment and do not arrive within 20 minutes of their appointment time. If client has an unforeseen emergency that happened within 48 hours before their appointment, clients may submit a request to have their cancellation fee waived. This courtesy is extended only one time. Click here to submit a request to waive cancellation fees due to an unforeseen emergency within 48 hours of salon appointment.


Rescheduling Appointments
To reschedule an appointment before 48 hours, clients shall click the link provided in their confirmation email which was received when they first booked their salon appointment. Clients may reschedule one appointment per year. If the client cannot make their rescheduled appointment, the client forfeits the full amount of payment regardless of 48 hour notice. Life and Style Salon reserves the right to discontinue servicing clients that have repeat cancellations and that are continuously tardy.


Additional Services
Rates for transfer client retightening services are for new clients that are on schedule and do not have micro sisterlocks. Additional fees will be assessed for repair, reconstruction, slippage, over-growth due to deferred maintenance, microlocks and any other circumstance that does not constitute a regular retightening service.


Sickness Guidelines

Clients that are sick, at any stage, should reschedule. If client exhibits signs of flu like symptoms on the day of their appointment, the stylist will not be able to service the client. Click here to read our Covid-19 guidelines for clients and staff members. Cancellation and pre-payment fees apply if 48 hour notice has not been giving. If illness occurred within 48 hours of appointment, client may submit their doctor's documentation to waive the cancellation fees. Click here to submit a request to waive cancellation fees due to illness.


Preparation for Services
All clients must wash their hair at least 2 days before their service. The hair should be free of any conditioner, and grease. Clients should separate their locks after washing.


Underage Children
For safety and insurance fulfillment, children that are not being services at our salon are not permitted at this time. One adult guest may accompany a client. For your safety, all clients and guests are required to abide by our Covid-19 guidelines. Click here to read our Covid-19 salon procedures.


Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises.


Courtesy Calls
Clients will be charged $15 if they are more than 15 minutes late, each additional 10 minutes is $5 dollars. Life and Style Salon reserves the right to cancel any appointment should the estimated time of arrival conflict with other client services. Life and Style Salon also reserves the right to discontinue service for excessive tardiness and repeat cancellations.


Referral fee: each install referral take $25 off 1 retightening services. Referrals are non-transferable.


Note: all terms are subject to change without notification.




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Thank you for your interest in becoming a regular client with Life and Style Salon. We are happy to serve you.
As a regular client, you now experience the same level of service at normal retightening rates.
Here is how to get started. In order to become a transfer client under regular retightening rates, you will need to:


1. Receive a consultation.

(consultations are conducted online and/ or during retightening service.

Our discounted rate for consultations are always 50% off the regular price for transfer clients.

Click here for our current prices.


2. Sign the Sisterlocks Client Agreement.

Your agreement is kept on file and should be referred to if you have questions.

Click here to read our sample client agreement form.


3. Client must have a credit card on file that can be used for no call-no-show occurrences, cancellations without 48 hour notice or any other fees incurred in accordance to our salon policy. Click here to read our policy.


4. Maintain a retightening schedule determined by the consultant. Please note: client needs to have at least two back to back appointments at the transfer client rate in order for the consultant to determine the recommended frequency of retightening services.


5. Have no more than 2 cancellations per year.
Clients who have 2 cancellations shall revert back to transfer client's rates and book all appointments online and pay in full before service.
Clients who have 3 cancellations per year will not be able to schedule another appointment.


Please note: If you have micro Sisterlocks or more than 10 inches in length of hair,
you do not qualify for regular retightening rates. Please see your consultant for pricing.


All appointments are booked online.




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