What is microblading?


Microblading, also known as 3D eyebrows or eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that creates beautiful natural looking eyebrows. Unlike eyebrow tatooing, where a machine is used to insert ink into the layer of the skin , microblading utilizes a hand tool comprised of fine needles which gently inserts natural pigments into the epidermis layer of the skin. Stroke-like hairs are created resulting in natural, realist eyebrows that fade between 1-3 years.


Who is an ideal candidate for microblading?

Ideal candidates for Microblading are:

 – Clients that have sparse eyebrows

 – Clients that have very little or non-existing eyebrows 

 – Clients that desire fuller eyebrows 

 – Clients that wish to cover minor scars

 – Clients that have thinning eyebrows


Perfect eyebrows, wake up and done!

What are the benefits of Microblading?


 – No daily eyebrow makeup

 – Save time

 – Realistic semi-permanent eyebrows lasting up to 3 years with proper care.


How long does Microblading take?


The Initial procedure will take 2-3 hours. During the initial procedure, a full consultation will be conducted where all questions are answered. The client is encouraged to have their eyebrows already done or to bring photographs of their desired look. An outline of eyebrows are designed on the treatment area to ensure the shape the client desires. Pigments are then selected. Once the design and pigments are approved the brow specialist will begin the procedure.

The touch up procedure is conducted after the eyebrows have completely healed. During this procedure, additional pigments are added to complete the look. The touch up procedure generally takes 1-2 hours.

The Process:  Microblading in 5 simple steps

During your consultation, we assess your goals, select your eyebrow shape, decide the best pigments that compliment your skin tone, and make sure all of your questions are answered.

During the second phase, we design an outline of the eyebrows that you desire.  This outline is drawn directly on the left and right eyebrow area.  Once the design meets your approval, we move on to the next phase.

During the numbing phase, we apply a topical anesthetic to the eyebrow area.  The application time is usually between 30-45 minutes.  Once the numbing cream is active, we begin the microblading procedure.

During the fourth phase, we create the perfect eyebrows by inserting carefully selected pigment color into the skin using broad strokes with a microblade.  Once the eyebrows are filled in, we move to the final phase.

During your fifth and final phase, we assess the results and then set an appointment for your six week touch up procedure.   During this time, we fill in any areas that may have faded during the healing process.

How long does Microblading take to heal?


Healing generally takes 6-8 weeks.


Is Microblading painful?


You should experience mild pain. Unlike tatooing, where ink is inserted into deep layers of the skin with machines, we gently insert pigments with a hand tool into the upper layer of the skin. We also apply numbing cream before every procedure.


Before a Microblading Procedure: 

*Do notnot exercise the day of the procedure.
* Avoid tanning in any form – indoor, outdoor or spray tanning.
* Aoid alcohol and aspirin/ibuprofen, Niacin, Vitamin E or 24 hours before procedure.
* Avoid caffeine on the day of the procedure.
* Do not tweeze, wax or shape up your eyebrows in anyway
* Do not tint your eyebrows the week before your procedure
* Avoid botox 3 weeks before your procedure

Not everyone is a candidate for a Microblading procedure:



While everyone may desire perfect eyebrows, not everyone can undergo a Microblading procedure.  Here are the conditions where clients should avoid Microblading altogether.


If you are a Diabetic

– Pregnant or nursing

 – If you have any skin diseases or irritation around the eyebrows

 – If you have large pores or your skin type is extremely oily (you may have difficulties retaining  pigment)

 – Directly after Botox treatment (must wait 2 months after Botox treatment)

 – If you are currently using Accutane or strong Retinois (must wait 4 months)

 – If you have a pacemaker

 – If you have extremely oily skin

 – If you are extremely sensitive

 – If you have large pores in the treatment area

 – If you currently have sunburn or frost bite to the area

 – if you have a tendency to form Keloids

 – If you have waxed eyebrows

 – After a strong chemical peel

 – If using Retin A or Retinols ( you must not be on them for 7 days prior to procedure and wait 45 days to restart treatment)

 – If you currently have any symptoms of illness (cold, flu, fever ect. must reschedule appointment)

 – If your immune system is compromised (HIV, AIDS currently on chemotherapy or radiation treatment)



When you desire perfect eyebrows without daily maintenance – its time for Microblading.

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